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Welcome to the SUNY Empire Maple Resource Center. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to use Maple for your course work. The Maplesoft website and the Maple Portal installed with your Maple software on your computer contain much

Point Plots

Lines and curves defined by expressions and functions are the most frequently used plots, and therefore, Maple has provided the context menu plotting and the Plot Builder assistant.  There are many, many more plots that are available in the plots package.

A very useful plot type is a pointplot, which is the familiar x-y plot from algebra.  Point pairs are indicated in the Cartesian x-y plane with a symbol, although if the point pairs are in order, they can be connected as an option.  In the following example, a list of x-coordinates is created, then a list of y-coordinates, and finally a list of [x,y] point pairs is created and plotted.  Note that point pairs are defined with square brackets, not parentheses, as shown in this example:  pointplot method 1

Besides using a list of [x,y] pairs, the pointplot function will alternately accept a 2-column matrix OR a vector for the x’s and a vector for the y’s as shown in this example:  pointplot method 2


Please note: If you need to request accommodations with content linked to on this guide or with your Maplesoft Software, on the basis of a disability, please contact Accessibility Resources and Services by emailing them.  Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the Accessibility Resources and Services website.

Pointplot Method 1

Image of Pointplot Method 1

Pointplot Method 2

Image of Pointplot Method 2