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Why Do I Have To Log In Twice?

If you are here, you're wondering why you sometimes have to log into twice to some library resources.

The college login and password that you use not only for the library but also for your online courses and MyESC, is what gets you into the database itself. It tells the database that you're a member of this college, so you're allowed to access the content.

The second, separate login that you have to create with the database is so you have your own personal profile and storage area within the database.

It's pretty much like how when you live in an apartment building, you have one key that opens the door to the building that you share with other tenants, and you have another key that opens the door to your own apartment. 

Ebook Central

  • Your personal Ebrary account lets you save ebooks to your bookshelf and save your notes and highlights in those ebooks.


  • Your MyEBSCOhost account lets you save items in your folder and they will still be there when you close the window and then log back in. You can also save searches to run again later.

Films On Demand

  • Your Films On Demand account lets you save videos and video segments to Playlists or to your Favorites.


  • Your MyJSTOR account lets you save and email articles in batches instead of just downloading the PDFs one by one. It also lets you export articles to RefWorks. It also lets you sign up for email alerts when new articles come out from journals you are tracking, or that match certain search criteria.

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