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How To Find Journals: How To Find Journals

This is NOT about how to find an article on a topic, or an article when you know its title. It is about how to find a journal when you know its title. (Articles are contained within journals.)

How To Find Journals

E-Journals A-Z helps you locate and access journal articles in the Online Library.

  • You can find out whether the library has access to a specific journal (note: on rare occasions, a title will be listed we do not have access to or something won't be listed that we actually do have access to).

Search and Access

  1. Go to the Online Library at
  2. Click "E-Journals A-Z" in the lower first column.
  3. Type in the title of the periodical you are looking for or search words to find titles that contain those word(s) in the title.
  4. Click the "Go to Full-Text" link under a result to access that journal (if a title is not found, first try searching just an the main words in the title rather than the entire title. If not found at all, we likely don't have access to it).
  5. How the browse ro search within a specific journal will differ depending on the database that journal is located in. Usually, you browse by looking for a list of years.
    E-Journals A-Z search page

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