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How To Use JSTOR: MyJSTOR and Saving/Printing/Exporting Articles

Your MyJSTOR Account

Once you have logged into JSTOR with your college login and password, you can search for articles and open up the full-text, but you will need to have a MyJSTOR account in order to:

  • Save multiple articles to your computer at once, or email them.
  • Export citations to RefWorks.
  • Save searches that you can run later, or receive email alerts for new articles that meet your saved search criteria or receive email alerts for journals that you want to track.
  • Save ebooks to your Bookshelf and save highlights and notes in those ebooks

Here is how to create your MyJSTOR account:

  1. Click Login in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Register for MyJSTOR.
  3. Fill in all the information it asks for and click Submit. 
  4. From then on, as soon as you access JSTOR, go to the Login link in the upper right corner and simply enter your MyJSTOR username and password.

Want to know why you have to log in twice?

Saving, Emailing, Printing and Exporting Articles

Screenshot of JSTOR search results list

You will need to be logged into your MyJSTOR account to do this. Once you have a search results list, you can begin selecting articles

  1. Use the checkbox to the left of each search result to select it.
  2. Once you've selected all the articles you want on this page, go back to the top of the search results list and click:
    1. Save - downloads them all to your computer.
    2. Email - emails them all to an email address of your choosing.
    3. Export - sends them to RefWorks, our online citation manager (more on RefWorks here).
    4. Track - signs you up for an email notification every time a new article cites one of the selected articles. This is a great way to find more articles in the same subject area over time.

Then follow the prompts to complete the action.

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