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Report an Accessibility Problem: Home

Report an accessibility problem with library content. (Anything that makes it hard for a person with a disability to use the library content.)

Please use this form to report an accessibility issue

This is the form to use to report an accessibility issue with one of the library resources. This includes:

  • a library web page
  • something on or in a library web page
  • contents of a library database

Kinds of issues:

  • images that don't have alt tags, or have ones that aren't useful
  • videos that don't have captions, or have ones that are inaccurate
  • videos that don't have adequate audio description of the visual content
  • Word documents without sections
  • PDF documents that are not searchable and readable by a screenreader
  • controls that can't be used with a keyboard
  • things that screenreaders can't handle
  • and more!

What this form is NOT for:

  • requesting accommodations for your disability
  • reporting accessibility problems with parts of the college other than the Library
  • please contact our Office of Disability Services for those things!

Your Librarians

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Sarah Morehouse

If you need to request accommodations on the basis of a disability for library content, please visit the Accessibility Resources and Services website.

(800) 847-3000 x2222

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Sun-Thu 11am-7pm

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