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Legitimate Journals Checklist: Home

A checklist for those who want to publish an article to use when deciding whether a journal is legitimate or a predatory journal.

The problem of scam journals (and book publishers)

When it comes time to choose where to publish your research, many factors come into consideration. Since it is such a critical step for your career, it is important to steer clear of journals and publishing houses that exist merely to rake in money or to provide a vehicle for the eccentric ideas of a few authors. 

Vanity presses have existed for a long time, but modern technology makes it possible for them to achieve the appearance of professionalism. 

Additionally, the Open Access movement caused a proliferation in journal titles, and many disreputable operations have taken cover among them. 

We do not rely on a blacklist system for identifying the disreputable publishers. Instead, we are providing a checklist you can work through with any journal or publisher. See below.


Any questions about how to use the checklist or where to look to find the information it asks for? Use the box to the right to Ask A Librarian!