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Get Up To Speed with OER

This is a self-paced tutorial for faculty and staff to learn about Open Educational Resources - what they are, how to find and evaluate them, how to adapt and create them, and how to handle the copyright and technical implications.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Type, scribble, sketch, or even record how you would explain to your students the Creative Commons system of licenses and how they work in terms of the author's rights and the user's rights. 
  2. Of all the combinations of permissions and restrictions that you learned about above, what particular Creative Commons license would you prefer to put on OER that you create, and why? Explain in terms of how you want to protect your rights and how you want to encourage use and reuse.
  3. Do you have any content that you've created whose copyright might not be completely under your control? Who does own or control it? If you don't know, consider finding out.