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MLA Micro-course

Using hands-on practice, learn how to create in-text and Works Cited citations, as well as craft paraphrases and summaries of source material.

                                       Sample MLA Works Cited page

Welcome to this micro-course on the MLA citation style. Completing the course, which takes approximately 1.5 to 3 hours, requires you to undertake some hands-on work with the MLA style, including learning about (and practicing) some broader research writing skills, such as paraphrasing and summarizing.

You will get out of this course as much effort as you put into it.


IMPORTANT: If an Empire instructor has asked you to take this course and you want to get credit for completing it, you must complete the "MLA Quiz" (bottom-most tab on left) and fill in the optional fields with your name and the name of your instructor.


TO START: Use the left menu or the  'Next' buttons that appear in the bottom right of each page to proceed through the course. Read/watch the included tutorial materials carefully and fully. You will likely not be able to complete the quiz at the end if you don't do this.