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Healthcare Leadership: Articles

A guide to library resources that students and faculty in the Healthcare Leadership masters program will find useful, including ebooks, online journals, tutorials and more.

Business Databases

Interlibrary Loan

SUNY Empire faculty, staff, and students can interlibrary loan articles and book chapters for electronic delivery only.

You can register and make requests on our Interlibrary Loan Page

Medicine Databases

What are scholarly/peer reviewed articles?

In scholarly/peer reviewed articles:

  • Author is an expert in the subject
  • Content is evaluated by other experts before publication
  • All information sources are cited

Some databases have all scholarly material. Others have an option to search for only scholarly/peer-reviewed articles.

To learn how to tell the difference between popular and scholarly articles by looking at them, see Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.

To learn how peer review works, see Peer Review in 5 Minutes.

Note that many nursing journals are not peer reviewed, but editorially reviewed (it's a slight procedural difference but has the same results.) They are still scholarly!

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