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Expanded Copyright (self-paced course)

Self-paced course for faculty and staff to learn the aspects of copyright law that affect higher education. It's intense - if you want something lighter, please go to the Intro to Copyright videos on Learnscape.


Learning Objectives for this Module

After going through this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain the rights of a person who has purchased or rented a copy of a copyrighted work.
  • Explain the difference between transfer of copyright, and licensing.
  • Explain how content in the ESC library is available through licensing, and describe the typical permissions and restrictions of those licenses.
  • Explain how Creative Commons licenses work within copyright law and the range of permissions and restrictions of those licenses.
  • Differentiate Creative Commons content from content that is available for free. 
  • Describe two or more academic situations in which it can be desirable to negotiate a license to use content. 
  • List the general steps of obtaining a license to use content, with reference to the differences between obtaining a license of published text versus unpublished, or multimedia.
  • Describe the kinds of information that a rightsholder needs in order to grant a license, and may want to negotiate on.
  • Understand that a license is a contract, and a violation of the license breaks the contract, terminates the license, and can put you in violation of copyright.